Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Love Lost: A 48 Hour Film

     On August 2nd, 2013 Evanture Films drew a genre from a hat at Regal Cinemas for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival. The 48 Hour Film Festival travels the world looking for filmmakers to make the best films they can in only 2 days.
      I drew Romance and we had 48 hours to make a 4 - 7 minute film. They assigned a line, a prop, and a character that we had to use, and this year L.A. beat the record for the most groups to participate in a 48 hour film festival with over 130.

      We were assigned to use the character Ed or Elly Marie, the line "I don't care, you decide," and the prop was a wrapped gift.

     This was my second 48 hour film festival, but my first time participating in it as a director/producer. I along with the cinematographer wrote the script that night. We decided instead of doing a cliche romance we decided to take a chance and go for an action romance.

      The next day after having about 2 hours of sleep we woke up early and "literally" all day, that night the cinematographer edited the film and I worked on the special effects. It would've been great if we had a sound mixer, but overall this was a great challenge and experience.  The day of submitting it we were extremely lucky to have an excellent musician compile an original score for the film that really took it to the next level.

     "In this unique action romance film, Brian & Ellie are a couple that work for a newspaper company. Brian is Ellie's boss who has secretly been working with Senator Tanner. As Ellie, an investigative journalist, begins to write about the Senator's corrupt actions, Tanner sends a hitman to silence the young couple."

Here's the link to the film.

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