Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Last Hit

This October, the production of an Evanture Film, The Last Hit, will begin. It will be submitted to the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2014!

A Hitman who has fallen in love comes to the point where he must choose between Sonny (a mob leader) and Janie (his girlfriend). Things become even more complicated when Sonny assigns him his "Last Hit."

Things don't go as smooth as usual when another gang has a hit on the same person, and Sonny's gang starts to see the Hitman as a possible loose end. With everyone seemingly against him he must try and make it out of the mob in one piece.

    Evanture Films TM

Coming Soon
Written & Directed by Evan Morton
Director of Photography: Aaron Whitney

Production-October 2013
Post Production-December 2013
Official Release-2014