Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to Pretend You're Not Poor Ch. Dance, Dance, Dance

On page 120 of ATD there's a drawing of Arnold and it explains how he's been covering up for being poor. In the first section of the cartoon it shows Arnold saying he's not hungry when his stomach is growling so others don't know that he doesn't have lunch money. Arnold would call in sick when there was a school dance or field trip. He would say he's allergic to sugar since he's Native American to avoid saying he's broke at a bake sale. When everyone around him had iPods he would say he's old school and likes records. Lastly he can always just say there's an Indian Ceremony at home, so he could use that for an excuse. This cartoon really connects with the one on page 128, he lies than tells the truth. It's like a before and after scenario.

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