Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dreaming to Dream

      I'm working on becoming a filmmaker, I hope to one day be a director. Writing stories and then bringing them to life is a great feeling. I would love to dream for a living, to create films to share with others today and tomorrow. Of course money is always nice, but I don't want to make films to become rich. I want to make movies so that my stories can be shared, a message can be told, I want people to be able see my films and hear my stories long after I am gone. A writer leaves their books, a musician leaves their songs, and a filmmaker leaves their movies. I want to bring what I write to life and share it for others enjoyment.


  1. I like to read that you have passion for something and you're not focusing in the money. i personally think that choosing what to do in life have to be vocational. You better choose something you love to do, If thing work in your favor you're going to be doing it your for the rest of your life.

  2. Great, great line: "I would love to dream for a living." This is what I'm talking about in class when I say you only need one line.