Monday, August 12, 2013

Evanture Films on the Rise

Evanture Films recently completed the short film Neighborhood Watch and has submitted it into upcoming film festivals.

Neighborhood Watch is a movie where a writer's story comes to life as Mr. Whitterman's house is robbed and he hires a young detective, who has nothing more than a hunch on how to catch the robbers.

Click below to view Neighborhood Watch's trailer

Neighborhood Watch Teaser

Here's another link, this one is to Neighborhood Watch's IMDB page

More Recently Evanture Films has participated in the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival, in which they had 48 hours to create a short film.

Evanture Films created No Love Lost

No Love Lost

This movie is about a relationship between Ellie and Brian, Ellie is a journalist and Brian is the owner of the newspaper press. Brian tries to protect Ellie from exploiting someone he had a secret alignment with, Senator Tanner. Ellie goes too far in her writing and both Brian and Ellie become targeted by Tanner's hitman in this Romantic Action Film!

Click the Link below to see the Teaser to No Love Lost

No Love Lost Teaser

Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival 2013

We had to use as a prop: a wrapped gift
We had to use as a character: a journalist Elly or Ed
We had to use the line: "I don't care, you decide"

We had 48 hours to write, film, edit, and submit a short film (4-7 min)

Behind the Scenes

Originally when I chose Romance out of the hat my DP and I were 50/50 on choosing another genre from the second hat, but then there would be a chance of getting stuck with operetta, in which every line would have to be sung.

(Short Gist)
I came up with the idea to do a Romance action and then the DP and I wrote a script, got 3 hours of sleep and then filmed all day on Saturday and stayed up all night editing and on Sunday we had some amazing music done by our friend Danny.

I was very happy to have so much help from my friend Rachel, she really helped with casting and letting us film & meet at her house for the movie. She did a wonderful job casting and acting as well. She really helped out so much and we were very thankful to have had her on our team.

I was very happy with how everything went when we were shooting on Saturday, the actors and crew did a wonderful job working together and time management was used very effectively during the production.

We were really glad to film at Tara Bar & Grill, we weren't the only team to film there, just the best :) We greatly appreciated their hospitality and were very happy to use there location/business in our film.

My friend Ian really stepped up and helped us out to the best of his abilities all day on Saturday and really can't express how much we all appreciated that.

This was definitely the hardest part, trying to go through a whole days worth of footage in one night, label it all, do a strait-cut, get the music done, lock up the effects, double check credits and titles, and we need to make sure we have all of the paper work ready to submit as well. We got this all done and we are looking forward to the screening.

Wow so much happened in 48 hours, and we submitted our film to IMDB so No Love Lost will be there very soon.

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