Monday, October 5, 2015

Sample Photography Post

Hiking Pictures


Empty Bench Shot

Wedding Pictures
Bride in Focus
Groom in Focus
Signing In


Sparklers for the Newly Weds
Ring Shot

Movie Poster for Subject 1
Movie Poster for Night Terrors

Movie Posters for The Last Hit

 Landscape & Timelapse Shots

Clone Shot
HDR Image in Sonoma County
HDR Image in Sonoma County

HDR Image of a Vineyard Sonoma County

35mm shot of the GG Bridge from Sausalito
2 second shot of the blood moon over LA
5 min shot of the clouds over LA

5 minute exosure of the GG bridge
85mm Timelapse shot of the moon going behind a tree

30 minute exposure, 24mm shot of the stars, shot in Ojai

All pictures were shot by Evan Morton on a Canon 5D Mark II & (if) edited on photoshop.

All the pictures are copyrighted with all rights reserved.

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