Friday, December 7, 2012

Global Warming, Things are Heating Up

Global warming is the most import problem that mankind has ever faced, the future of the world is in our hands.

This growing issue is acknowledged but the sense of urgency is not there, and it needs to be in order for us to make the drastic changes needed to preserve what life we have left on earth.

Politicians like Paul Ryan argue that global warming doesn't exist, but pictures don't lie and they represent how REAL global warming is and how serious of an issue it is as well.

I don't know how much clearer the message can be, there's no denying the fact that if we don't make a change that Al Gore is right when he said, "What we take for granted might not be here for our children."

The world needs to acknowledge that global warming should be our top priority. Over the last nine years approximately 4,500 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq. War is expected to have it's share of casualties.

 If these pictures weren't strong enough evidence for people to take global warming seriously, you would think that the European heat wave of 2003 that killed nearly 35,000 people would make people think twice about the reality of global warming.

 All around the world there is snow and ice melting faster than ever before. What we're seeing is a decrease in the amount of glaciers which elevates our sea level. If this continues there will eventually be no more ice in the world, fresh water supplies will become scarce, and some of are favorite places in the world will be under water.

So you're probably asking yourself, how did we get in this mess, but more importantly how will we get out of it?

There's a few things we need to take a look at before we can jump into the solution.

A major contributor to global warming is the amount of carbon we emit, there are more people in the world than ever before now and cars, trains, and airplanes are being used more than ever as well.

Our carbon emission is building up greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere, which are trapping solar radiation within our atmosphere. Thus, our world is becoming hotter and hotter.

Our biggest problem lies within going from a competitive market to a cooperative market. We need to stop doing what makes the most money and start working on using products that make the world a better place.  

Instead of pumping gas into all of our cars and releasing tons of carbon, we could be using biomass fuels.

What's biomass fuels?

Any plant or animal matter used to produce energy is biomass. Biomass fuels are renewable and widely available, most importantly they are carbon-neutral. Not to mention that the production of biomass fuels can provide employment in the rural areas.

There are so many different alternative sources of energy that we can use that will reduce the expansion of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere.

There's the power of the sun, the wind, and water.

Windmills have been used for a while, but if they can become more mainstream and common it will only help the fight to contain global warming from causing more damage to the world we inhabit.

Solar panels are becoming more common and are now often seen on top of houses, but they can be used more too. Solar panel cars are very rare, but they are better for the environment then the cars most of us drive.

Still we see that there are alternative sources of energy and that we can utilize them more than we are now. Technology has been advancing rapidly, hopefully our efforts to reduce the greenhouse affect and the expansion of global warming advance rapidly as well.

We need more people to contribute to the effort of resolving global warming and in order for us to provoke this change, we must act collectively and let our voices be heard and our actions be seen.


  1. I couldn't agree anymore. This is a well written blog post. There is a lot of information here. I especially enjoyed the visuals.

  2. Global warming is terrifying. But I think what is scarier is that everyone knows that we must do something to stop it, but no one wants to give up their comfortable life style to do it

  3. I couldn't agree with you anymore:) At least you know that you're not the only one thinking that, people just need to act together and stand up for what's right. As Einstein once said something along these lines, If people are only being good in fear of punishment or in hope for reward, than we are a sorry lot indeed. People need to do what's right not because it makes more money or they fear getting in trouble, they need to what's right because it's our moral obligation to make the world a better place for the next generation… At least that's what I think.