Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Great Evantures

Life is what you make of it.
Life itself is an adventure.

The Beginning
I grew up in Southern California, where I became a passionate skateboarder. I loved skateboarding, I lived to ride that board and compile a bunch of footage and edit my skateboarding videos. I started off in 6th grade with a board and my bag of tricks was empty. As I grew, I progressed, and I worked my way up to becoming a sponsored skateboarder.

The Transition
As I grew older I began to realize that there is so much else in the world besides my board with four wheels. I began to realize that the SKY's the LIMIT. I began to feel this urge inside of me telling me that there's some job out there with my name on it that could influence others in some way. I was in high school when I realized how much I enjoyed creative writing and filmmaking.

The Present
Now I'm in college, pursuing my dream to become a filmmaker. I've got a few short stories and scripts under my belt now, but I know the that the best is yet to come. I've merely began my journey of education in my field. I know I have so many mistakes to make and lessons to learn. I've always loved art and stories, now I'm studying the art of storytelling through filmmaking. I love waking up after dreaming of a script or story and knowing that since perfection is always going to be out of reach, that leaves me with limitless room for improvement. I can try and master something that will never be mastered and I'm fine with that because that means my next piece can always be better than the last one. Right now I'm working on a short film that's going to be my best yet and I'm looking forward to completing it real soon.

The Future
As it says in my fortune "Allow yourself time - you will reach success." This represents how we have control of our destiny. I will not rush my own projects or try to jump into anything that I'm not prepared for. I will be calm, collective, and ready for problems to arise because a big part of making films is having a knack for problem solving. I can't get furious when there's a sound issue or something, I just need to be prepared for the worst and thing of how I will get past the roadblock in my way. I must decide if I will go around it, climb over it, or just break right through it. Either way I will be ready for obstacles to arise before me along my journey into the art of filmmaking.
There's always two sides to every story, as there's two sides to every coin. There's always the good and the bad, two paths to choose from. We always must decide which way we will go when there's a fork in road that we call life. I may not be able to predict the future or my outcome, but at the end of the day our fate is within our own hands. Our success is measured by one person only and that's ourselves. You must have self-confidence in order to take pride in your work. Progression is made by the individual striving to do better than before, to improve on what they're working on. As Chris McCandless said, "If you want something in this life,  reach out and grab it." 

The Dark Side                                                                                   The Bright Side


  1. Nice pictures. I especially like what you had to say about your skating. I too am hold such a strong passion for the game of Basketball and work hard to get better and better everyday, haha pretty hard to believe since I am friends with Jaime haha lol
    Anyways, great pictures and post!

  2. Wow Evan. You're seriously a really interesting guy. You've done a lot of things in life I probably will never do, or will ever pick to try out. I bet you're also really good at skating. You are a really smart guy, and I am sure you will one day achieve your goal to become a film maker. It was nice having you for almost a whole year, with the same teacher, at a different level class.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Jaime and Cesar. I enjoyed having you guys in my English classes the last two semesters, it's too bad we can't have another class with our teacher. It was fun while it lasted and I too have a strong passion for basketball Cesar! Really deep comment Jaime, I really appreciated what you said. It was very thoughtful of you. You guys are great, maybe a little too much caffine sometimes, but you guys have motivation and I'm sure you have a bright future ahead of you.